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Rapid Jubilee Clamps

The Rapid Response Pipe Repair Clamp, also known as the Rapid Jubilee Patch (RJP) is the fastest and easiest way to temporarily repair pipe leaks and bursts. Taking less than 60 seconds to install and featuring a fully self-contained design, which does not require the use of tools, the RJG is the smarter choice for temporary emergency pipe repair.

US Navy Kit NSN's

Permanent NSN assigned;
Bags, Tools and Spare (Jubilee Patch), P/N DCKB-24, NSN 9QM8105-01-674-0029 

Clamp, Repair, Pipe Jubilee Clamp), P/N SRCSL01, NSN 9BM4730-01-674-0265

Clamp, Repair, Pipe Jubilee Clamp), P/N SRCDL01, NSN 9BM4730-01-674-0275

Clamp, Repair, Pipe Jubilee Clamp), P/N SRCTL04, NSN 9BM4730-01-674-0273 

All Slate River Corporation products are available for individual purchase. Our policy is to provide the best product possible for the least expensive price with the best possible service. In general purchasing a single item is the most expensive way to purchase these products. Prior to ordering please review your requirements to determine if purchasing an entire kit may be more cost effective. Volume discounts are available for multiple purchases of the same items.

For enquiries about or to order the Damage Control equipment listed on this web site, please contact us at the email address below..

Email Address:  sales@slaterivercorp.com

Telephone: 757.777.7531

Fax:  757.479.6874